The year 2011 started for us on a very special note. One of our friends who is just like a sister to me got married to another wonderful friend of ours on Jan 1st , 2011. A day we rejoiced and celebrated with many of our friends from all around the world.It was a Global event for us! On Jan 3rd – my aunt’s Husband went through a critical surgery but thank God it all went well and he is much better today.

On January 6th, my beautiful baby sister ( acts like my older sis at times) made her covenant with God and her beloved in marriage , her God chosen partner and 1 of my favourite musician friend. They had 3 receptions in total and the icing on the cake was the celebration of my parents 34 th wedding anniversary and we surprised them. We managed to keep it a secret thankfully! 

In February our beloved Joyappachan passed away – a person I always admired for his concern, love and humility. On the other hand my niece Rahael Enid Talks turned 1.

We celebrated Easter with Deepak’s folks in Sena Vihar with my mother in law’s famed chicken roast – the favourite Kozhimannil recipe passed on from Mrs. O V Alexander( Deepak’s grandmother).

We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary in Coorg with the warm Cariappa family in Spice Garden , Kodagu. We sighted so many animals that we’ve never been able to see before in the wildlife forest. It was exhilirating to see nature in it’s own. A wonderful trip it was!

We were supposed to head to London as Deepak’s project needed some onsite assistance but the Europe debt crisis news came about and UBS filed losses. As a result all are our plans were foiled and we stayed back in Bangalore. How great and mysterious God’s plans are we do not see it with our human eyes. Today Deepak is in a Team which works with China no recession or double dip for our cheeni bhai’s. It is the only team in Dell, UBS which is hiring people today. Praise God for his provision!

Then again we had a family wedding in Cochin and I sang in a 70 voice choir with Paul Wilbur from the US. It was a wonderful experience and I discovered the world of voice training.

In August we shifted our residence from 1 end of CMH road to the other end and now We are the MEtro Walla’s with the Metro just 300 meters away from our house.  Took another trip to Kerala to celebrate Sis Rachel John’s 90th birthday – Leelammachi as she is fondly called by her grand nieces and nephews. She is Deepak’s grand aunt and a Nun of the CSI church and 1 of the most humble selfless energetic people we have ever met. She is really called by the Lord to do what she did almost for 70 years of her life.She has the strength of a 20 year old and she walks faster than me and many of us younger than her.We had a lovely time in the Bethel Ashram, Thiruvalla.

I moved from working from Home to working at office, something I enjoy and I really enjoy my work . Thank God for that!  As the year passed on my stomach started giving me trouble , I was having constant diarrhea attacks and the swelling and oedema kept recurring.

I just trusted in the Lord and moved on without thinking too much about my health . On a positive note I have lost the weight I gained due to my GF diet.  Then I got news that My elder sister and bro in law will be moving to Germany. I always tell people that  in my family I am the only Indian as my parents live in Kuwait, My younger 1 in Sydney, the older 1 now will be in UK. We are a globe trotting family. Our carried on with my interest in cooking it comes in spurts though…hehehehehe.

In October my SIL Sunita Abraham Talks gave birth to a handsome baby boy- Peter Abraham Talks – they say he is taken after his uncle, he loves to eat , sleep and is quiet , a no problem baby and is hirsute like his ammachan Deepak Abraham. Our friends Vinay and Reema gave birth to a Baby boy Nathan and earlier in the year so did another couple Esther and Rajesh ; had a baby boy. So it was a year full of boy babies.

For once my domestic help, Ms Chinamma is regular and helps me a lot; it’s amazing how we communicate I dont know kannada and she knows only Kannada. But somehow we get along and understand each other. I have definitely picked up some Kannada from her.

I started a treatment for my gluten allergy it is an alternative therapy method and so it’s mainly homeopathy. Let’s see how it goes! I learnt something very clearly during my visits to the NAET clinic that I am abundantly blessed. The kids who come to the clinic have extreme GLuten , eczema, sinus or some other form of allergy and also are autistic. What a difficult combination for a parent to deal with!  I really thank My Lord for His provision everyday. Cultivate thankfulness is what I have learnt.

My Globe trotting elder sis Jenny visited us we had a great time with her in Hampi along with Santosh , my nephew from Pune…we are the same age though!lol.

We had a fun filled trip to Kerala for a cousins’ wedding and engagement. I missed trivandrum so much that I didnt mind the Mullaperiyar hartals at all. I LOVE AMBROSIA, vYSHAK bakery, my folk’s house, Green Valley Road and ofcourse my room. I had a very eventful journey back 1 which involved stopping a KSRTC bus , getting stuck in trivandrum’s worst traffic crisis, walking with baggage to thampanoor. At the end I made it back to bangalore!


Enjoyed Cooking classes with Archana and also organising the EU christmas programme for the St. Joseph’s college of arts and science. I now know that I love the mike…I missed it for a while but now I know extempore talking is my thing and there is nothing like stage fright…I just dont get it but instead I have an adrenaline rush.

I am looking forward to spending christmas in Bangalore with my Father in law and Deepak’s cousins with recipes from Archana’s classes. Working on my cake making and goodies baking. I started a page on Gluten Allergy specifically to living a Gluten free lifestyle in India. if you are reading this please like my page on FB. .

As for now as I write this all I want to say we had a roller coaster ride this year. From good days to bad days’. But through it all Our Lord has always been Faithful just as He had promised and still does. There have been days when I thought my stomach would come out …that’s how bad my spasms used to get but Praise God I am doing well. Please keep me in your prayers let not my health be a stumbling block for me. I have a lot to do and a lot to achieve and so does Deepak.

Deepak and Jeeva Abraham would like to thank all of you for your support, prayer’s , love and concern.  Here’s wishing you a Merry Christ – mas and A Happy Blessed New Year. May you see the Hand of the Lord in your life!! Blessings!

Love , Hugs , Prayers , Ashamsakal from the Abrahams in Indiranagar. Feliz Nevidad Prospero Ano Felizdad.

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  • December 14, 2011 at 2:36 am

    Well written Jeeva! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2012 too…


    • December 14, 2011 at 3:10 am

      Thanks Sandra ! Will you be in Kerala in Jan? Long time since we have met. Met 1 lot when they came to blore this time for tash’s wedding.


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