‘Jeeva’ was started to cater to the Gluten Intolerant community and for those on special diets in India. Dietary restrictions, availability of safe food products, lack of information and resource pool makes life challenging for people who are Celiac or for that matter anyone on a special diet.  ‘Jeeva’ taken from  the Sanskrit meaning of ‘Living Soul’ came into being to give people the hope that they can lead a normal life inspite of the challenges. ‘Jeeva’ hopes to be your answer in leading a full life.

Jeeva has 3 aspects to it – Initiates, Bakes and Guides


To spread awareness on Celiac and the Gluten free lifestyle through Social Media and by other modes of communication.  Bringing together and engaging in dialogue with the gluten intolerant community , doctors, manufacturers and other stakeholders.


Jeeva’s range of gluten free goods are meant to cater to all those who are Gluten Intolerant,  from the Celiac to the person with Gluten sensitivity and for anyone who is gluten free by choice. There is no risk of cross contamination as all the products are made in a gluten free kitchen. Apart from being gluten free some of the products are also dairy free, egg less, soy and nut free.  The focus of ‘Jeeva’ bakes is to make economical gluten free and other ‘free from’ products available, without compromising on taste and quality.


To help and consult on gluten free and special diets pan industry and institutions.


‘Jeeva’ was started by Jeeva Anna George in October 2013. Jeeva, an Economist by qualification has worked in Corporate India in areas ranging from technical conference management to market research. She turned entrepreneur as she is passionate about driving awareness on the Gluten Free Lifestyle in India.  She is gluten intolerant herself and understands the challenges of living gluten free in India. To her the Gluten Free diet  is not a Fad but currently the only cure for anyone with a gluten intolerance.

She is trained in Carnatic and western vocals and also is an avid quizzer.

Jeeva is also the co-author of A Gluten Free Life – My Celiac Story – the first person in India to write a book from a Celiac’s perspective.