What do I do when you have leftover vegetables and few eggs?! I make crustless quiche. I like my mini crustless recipe because it is versatile and can be made with almost any vegetables. It’s a recipe which can be modified to suit ingredients in anyone’s pantry.

Mini crustless quiche

When I figured I had to make breakfast and a snack on the go for the weekend I decided to make this. I knew I had some left over veggies from my salad,parsley, cage free eggs and I didn’t have to think any further. It’s my dish to make when I feel I need to clean out my fridge and it is both naturally gluten free and keto friendly. I have been asked by many people for something keto, so this is for all of you. Before I digress, here is the recipe


Servings – 6 mini quiche

  1. Eggs – 3 *eggs make this dish so no substitutes will work but you could use scrambled tofu to see if it works.
  2. Vegetables – 1/4 cup finely chopped or grated – I used broccoli and carrots, you could use spinach, cherry tomatoes, onions, peppers and any thing you have lying around.
  3. Parsley/Basil – A sprig of finely chopped leaves *optional
  4. Cheddar Cheese or Vegan Cheese – 20 gm grated
  5. Milk or Non Dairy Mylk – 2 tbsp
  6. Salt and Pepper – To taste


  1. Pre heat the oven at 200 deg Celsius.
  2. Grease a muffin tray or use silicon moulds.
  3. Whisk all the ingredients thoroughly in a bowl.
  4. Divide the mixture into 6 moulds and bake for 18-20 minutes. It depends on your oven or when it is cooked through.

All my recipes can be baked in a microwave with convection setting. The recipe can be doubled for more servings.

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