Have you ever wondered what you would do if You cannot eat anything at a Day or 3 day Conference?

Well, most of you would say get ‘Packed Lunch’ others would say ‘Talk to the Chef’ !

What if you had to wake up at 4 am to make the packed lunch, snack and dinner? What if the Chef is busy and says Sir/Ma’am I cannot ensure you the food without cross contamination from ingredients you are allergic to!

What if then you are asked to Pay up because the organisers let you have a meal but then expect you to pay for it and not warn of that before?!

Well, all of the Above has happened to me.

Precisely the reason this blog post! I have organised National and International events from Aero India to MNC summits as a employee of a National Industry Organisation and this what I have taken away from the experience as one who organised and now one who attends conferences frequently!

1. When you send in an Registration Form – ask if there are any special diet needs!
2. If they mark yes, ask them what and is it life threatening! If you cannot do the needful tell them to come prepared and slash their fee. Why? Because other than tea and coffee they are not touching the food at the Hotel or Venue.

3. Always have a room or a bed in case of medical emergencies. You are telling me you assume there won’t be any?! Come on the Young Indian is most unhealthy especially the Techie – Trust me, I know their lifestyle.

4. Have a Doctor on call. Yes, I have fainted at a conference, once I choked and was breathless. Earlier one I was an employee so was well taken care off by my Boss and Colleagues! The latter I was a delegate – Clueless organisers did not know what to do, the hero here for me was the cleaning staff and the Banquet Manager of the Hotel.

Result: Left the conference, never came back. Lost out on money and the opportunity to meet some of the speakers- precisely the reason I signed up for it and paid the full fee.

Managing Events is a Front facing Customer Service experience. Be Courteous, Be Ready to Listen, Know Your Program Schedule or keep one with you HARD copy with you at all times, Know All Emergency Numbers and Know your Fellow Event Managers!

It will be Smooth Sailing!


I am looking forward to The Goa Project 2014, been promised I will get Gluten Free Food. Let’s see how it goes, I am optimistic and the quick responses to help I received! Super Impressed by the TGP 2014 team.

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