Yes it is Teacher’s Day in India and I just had to share this. My passion to be a Gluten Free Awarness Creator is only because of all those Teachers who have stood by me and Believed in Me. My Childhood and Adult Dream was to be An IAS or IFS officer and serve the country but that didnt happen due to reasons you will read about.

However, Today I know how God has turned around my worst weakness into my Strength..because He has given me The Vision to Build An Awareness Strategy for Celiac Disease and Gluten Free Diet Awarness!

So it’s Teacher’s Day and for once I think it’s time to acknowledge People who have taught me academically to some who have been mentors.

Prof Narayanan – This humble Prof. based out of Trivandrum is a Nation Changer – Yes, if you take Economics as your Option to try out for the Civil Services Exam then don’t think twice just head straight to Vanchiyoor.

7 years of Economics summarized into a capsule…The Coherence he brings into Economic Theory is outstanding if I could teach that way believe me I would just teach.

If it weren’t for him I would not have attempted the Exam the 3rd time, another matter I didnt get my hall ticket but Sir thought I would crack.

Out of the 10 people he thought would crack it, I was the only person who didnt actually crack it but the fact that he had that confidence in me …gave me more motivation to do 10 hrs a day of revision and preparing.

He always told me ‘Jeeva, enikku I feel you are not IAS but you should opt for IFS…you are that material pinne baki koche inte decision, the decision lies with you’.

Prof Rod Falvey ( UoN) – Thank you for making International Economic comprehendible and thank you for being the listening ear when I got my grades;)

Prof Richard Upward – Though we had our differences I could not have finished my Dissertation if it weren’t for your guidance. Thank you for all the advice and recommendations. I know STATA is only because you insisted I work on it.

Dr Crystal David John now what can I say – She’s taught me from my First year at Stella she is what I call a Breath of Fresh Air when it comes to teaching. She laid my spiritual foundation – taught me Scripture as well as Economics. I would not have done a Post Graduate Degree in Eco if it weren’t for her Teaching of Eco in College. You should be blessed to have a fun, understanding, efficient and Brilliant Teacher like Crystal Ma’am everyone will agree:;) Stella Marians will agree to all of this. Of course, her glowing recommendations got me places:) Thank you Ma’am.

Gita Rajiv Menon you taught me science in 7th std..believe me the foundation you laid let me get that 97 in my Boards for Science. I never took science after 10th but my Chemistry basics are intact even now. Thank you Ma’ were real fun to have around as well:)

Mrs Thomas and Varkey – For Vocabulary, Diction and the Art of Story Telling.

Rosy Ma’am, Khalid Sir and Sunil Chacko Sir – You made High School ‘Wonder Years’ Fundamentals are still strong because of the foundation you laid.

Above all of them Though I have to thank and shout out to The Good Teacher and the Mad man the world rejected. Yes, HE is with me every step – My personal tutor, Best Friend, Brother, Lord and King – Yeshua. Thank you for Everything! I Bless your Name:)

A Tribute to All my Teachers – Because I am Who I am because of Them! Salutes Them:)

India – You’re going to see a Big Wave of Awareness Soon – just hold on till 2014. We are gonna make some Heads Turn;)

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